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Who was Elaine Pamela Bain

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Elaine was born in Scotland on the 11th of February 1966. When she was six weeks old her father, Ian and mother, Hilda Jean took her to Pakistan, as Ian was working there.

We were all looked after very well in Pakistan, whilst working on canals and barrages to improve water distribution in the driest areas. Even so we had a hospital, staffed by Norwegian and Pakistani doctors and nurses, a nice house, a supermarket and a social club for meetings and parties, the large swimming pool was a bonus for Elaine, who before her third birthday was jumping off the high board and swimming famously. Neither Ian nor Jean could swim. Ian was a mechanical engineer and we lived in Pakistan for seven years. Elaine was almost three years old when we took her back to Scotland for her first holiday there. Ian’s next contract was in Zambia and after he made sure the facilities were appropriate Jean and Elaine were off to Lusaka, staying for three years before heading back to Scotland. Next came South Africa before a long period in Oman building a new palace for the Sultan. An extraordinary upbringing which eventually concluded when Elaine settled in Scotland and worked in the oil industry. Being employed by a french Company led to her expert capacity for the French language, leading to a degree qualification with the Open University. Leaving Scotland for Portugal, where she quickly mastered the language, was an expression of adventure, no particular plans except a love of good weather. After years of friendship a close relationship with Keith led to the foundation of ACT (Albany Childrens Trust) in 2012. Caring for children was fundamental to Elaine and she was the driving force behind ACT which continues to achieve good things with secondary school pupils who are not enjoying the best start in life. When Elaine passed away in March 2020, everyone involved with ACT wished for the name to change to the Elaine Bain Family Trust (EBFT). We will endeavour to continue the success of EBFT, in her honour, both in the UK and Portugal.