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EBFT was established as a charity in the UK in 2012. It was then known as Albany Children’s Trust (ACT), as the Company, Albany, were and continue to be, the sponsor.

The idea came, as many do, during a conversation in a pub. A retired head teacher, who had recently left a significant secondary school in Bradford, told me that anything that I wished to give away to give it to her as she would find a home amongst her former pupils for such “anythings”.

Collectively, Lynn O’Reilly, Elaine Bain and Keith Courtney became the first trustees of ACT with the intention of giving something back to youngsters who didn’t have the best advantages in their early lives.

For eight years, until she passed away in March 2020, Elaine was the driving force of ACT. Always having time for children which is an ambition we continue to strive for and in many respects achieve, thanks to the foundation that Elaine left. It was decided by the employees of Albany that the name of the Trust be changed, in Elaine’s honour to the Elaine Bain Family Trust, EBFT. The expansion of EBFT into Portugal has been a logical progression and something Elaine would have pursued had she still been alive.

The purpose of the Trust is to help all children to fully achieve, to feel welcome amongst friends and to have the best opportunity, or at least an equal one, in life. We have certain skills amongst our colleagues, volunteers and friends. We don’t however, provide social care or attempt to teach school subjects. We help by allowing time for the children to understand that there are people who care and who will provide for them. We make sure that they are fed, have hygiene facilities and decent clothes. Maybe most importantly to sit and listen, having asked them what they would like to do!

There are many examples of how this approach has provided benefits to youngsters in the UK, together with some notable failures.

In Portugal we are in the process of discussion with Schools, Associations, The Salvation Army , Churches and other Volunteer Organisations to identify how we may cooperate together.

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